Our Goal

Our Bistro Speciality is we make everyday hot and special dishes, also we make national and international Recipes.

Excellent menu

We provide excellent menu for our customers. Traditional Czech goulash served in braised bread is our speciality.

Vegeterian Food

Vegeterian Food is also provided by our bistro which makes your dishes tasty.


Also we serve salads, which makes your eating moment so enjoyable.

About US

If you are looking for a nice place to sit down and you love great food and drinks, our bistro is the place for you.

We offer traditional Czech cuisine as well as grilled meat and light salads.

Also, we offer local beer, wines and aperitives which are complemented by variety of homemade dishes from our menu. Instead of daily bistro you can find here the cocktail bar hidden in underground spaces, where you can have a quality cocktails of your choice.

You can find us in Linhartska street, located in the heart of Prague.

We will looking forward to your visit!